If you’re an Adam Carolla fan, you’ll love this. If you’re not an Adam Carolla fan, you should be.


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times.

Adam Carolla

Truer words were never spoken. Nobody repeats themselves like Adam Carolla. If you’re a regular listener to his podcast, you’re well aware of the AceMan’s idiosyncrasy. Of course, as a fan, hearing Allen say the same thing over and over is a small price to pay for the honor of listening to the fastest, funniest mind in comedy today. The guy is brilliant.

As an obsessive super fan, I compiled a list of the top thirty most often uttered idioms and used them to create Adam Carolla Bingo. Because honestly, we need something to do the next time someone mentions airline travel, Burbank cops, or someone with parents who gave a shit. We all know the stories that are coming. We’ve heard them enough that we could tell them ourselves. But now, you can pull out your Adam Carolla Bingo cards and play along. Yes, I’m talking to you Bryan and Alison.

You’re welcome.

Download your full set here.

If you’re not a fan yet, start here today.

And finally, if you like this, you’ll love my stories (the covers on right). They’re cheap and good.

  1. Gina said:

    Thank you – this has made my day!

    • Joe Nelms said:

      Thanks, Gina! Glad you liked. Tell your friends. Get it on!

  2. Gnarlex said:

    I don’t see a “we’ve created a society…” square

    • Joe Nelms said:

      Good call. I’ll update.

  3. Caleb said:

    Also needs a “heavy-set woman of color”

    • Joe Nelms said:

      Yep, I’ll add that. Thanks!

  4. Jack said:

    Haha, really clever! Me likey!

    • Joe Nelms said:

      Thanks! Share with your friends. Get it on!

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